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What a “Little” Surprise

My sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, held a "Big/Little" reveal last night. A "Little" is a new member of the chapter and a "Big" is an upperclassman who is often their mentor, guide or even best friend. Bigs and Littles are picked through a mutual selection process. After the Big finds out which new member is her Little, she keeps it a secret. The Big then leaves the Little gifts throughout the week of reveal with hints to who she is.

When the reveal is and how we reveal is also a secret. Last night, we told the new members we had something at the chapter house. When they arrived, there were shirts and socks left in their mailboxes to put on.

Our bid day theme was Wizard of Oz, and we tried to keep that theme with Big/Little Reveal. That's where the socks came into play. (When the house falls on the witch and all that is showing is her feet)

The Bigs all had shirts and socks that matched their Little. Between the living room and multipurpose room, we had a big blanket up. The Bigs were on one side, and the Littles and chapter member sat on the other. One by one, the Bigs stood behind the blanket, with their socks showing. The new member with the matching socks would then come to the other side of the blanket. The blanket was then dropped to reveal the Big/Little pair.

Lauren and me hugging after the blanket was dropped, revealing me as her Big.

Lauren and me hugging after the blanket was dropped, revealing me as her Big.

Following Big/Little, we always go to Denny's after all the excitement, almost 50 Alpha Chi's filled up the dining area!

My newest Little is Lauren Kasun, she is from Cedarburg, Wisconsin and is an Equestrian major. I am so happy to add her to my Greek family. Also in my Greek family is my first Little, Diana Lee. She has a Little, Katie Turner. Katie also received a new member as Little last night.

It was my last Big/Little, for it is my senior year, and I must say it was one for the books.

Me and Lauren posing for a picture at the Alpha Chi Omega house.

Me and Lauren posing for a picture at the Alpha Chi Omega house.




Gaining an Advantage at the Woods

How did you spend your summer?  Were you stationed by a pool, beach, or swim dock?  Did you travel and go on all new adventures?  Did you slave countless hours for minimum wage or did you earn credit at an internship?  Whatever you did, I’m not sure it could compare to how I spent my summer at William Woods University’s Freshman Advantage!

basic design fa

FA students Alexis Binkley and Lori Nichols holding up their finished t-shirt projects in Basic Design!

When classes let out and the residence halls closed in May, I packed up my belongings and said tough goodbyes to my friends and my home-away-from-home, WWU.  All of my friends and classmates would linger after their finals just to take in as much of the Woods that they could until next fall.  Although I was sad to go back home, I knew Freshman Advantage was in less than a month and I would have the opportunity to return to campus for a month of fun, friends, and soon to be family!

fa zach

During an event, the FA students helped make a banner! Here is Zachary Likens laying down his hand print.

What is Freshman Advantage?  Freshman Advantage, often shortened to FA, is a kick start program for graduated high school seniors that plan on attending William Woods University.  The program gives students real insight into what college is really like!  For starters, students at FA take seven hours of class in three weeks and live in the residence halls.  It’s a great opportunity to meet some of your future classmates as well!

My job at FA was to be a mentor and leader for the freshman students.  I was there to tutor students in their classes, coordinate events and activities for the night, and be a friend and a guide.  There was a fun activity planned for every week night.  These ranged from a wiffleball tournament, to tie-dying t-shirts, to sand volleyball.  The events were especially important because we got to learn more about the students and also bond as a group.  On the weekends, we went off campus for activities like the St. Louis Zoo, the City Museum and Six Flags. I’ve lived in Missouri my whole life, but I had never visited these places before, so it was a lot of fun to experience St. Louis!

One of my favorite memories as a mentor was on the day of Costume Dodgeball, and all of the mentors got decked out in American flag gear.  We had about an hour of down time and decided we didn't want our costumes to go to waste!  What better way to show off your patriotic pride than standing outside and cheering for the USA?  We made signs that said "Honk if you love America" and stood on the sidewalks for passing cars.  It was so fun to see the looks on the drivers' faces when they saw us!  There was so much honking and waving!  I bet the mentees were embarrassed for us, but we really enjoyed singing and dancing and cheering.  By the time we went for dodgeball, I was so worn out from jumping around that I could hardly even play!

I loved the activities we participated in, but my favorite part of Freshman Advantage, by far, was watching the students grow.  As mentors, we got the chance to observe study habits, social interactions and each student’s interests throughout the month.  Some students came in very shy and left as confident leaders!  Some students came to WWU very uninterested but left as the most involved ones of the group!  Students walked away from FA with the study skills, and true advantage of living as an independent college student.   It was so rewarding to see what FA could actually do.  When I see my mentees across campus now, I cannot help but smile because I am so proud of all their accomplishments!

USA mentors

My mentor family! I had such a great time getting to know this staff! We dressed up in patriotic gear for Costume Dodgeball, and had so much fun playing with the students.

Overall, the only thing I regret about Freshman Advantage is NOT going as a freshman!   So for my closing comments, I would like to invite and encourage incoming freshmen to go out of your comfort zone and sign up for FA.  It was so much fun being a mentor, so I cannot imagine how life changing it could be as a freshman.  If you’d like more information about the program, check out it out at

Have a great day, and I hope to see you June 2014!