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Greek Week!

This week is a very special week here at the Woods, it is Greek Week! This is a week where all of the sorority and fraternity chapters on campus can unite together and raise money and awareness for a cause, while also celebrating accomplishments. The cause for the last few years has been the Buddy Pack program.

Nutritiousbackpack-244x300The Buddy Pack program was created because for many students on free and reduced priced school meals are their only area of reliable nutrition. This puts them at risk for hunger over the weekend. The Food Bank provides Buddy Packs to children in elementary schools, 28 of the 32 counties.

Buddy Packs are backpacks filled with kid-friendly, nutritious food that students take home over the weekend or holiday periods to supplement their meals when there is not enough for them to eat at home. After the weekend, volunteers at the schools then refill their packs.

I had my first experience with the Buddy Pack program when I was in high school. I was a member of National Honor Society and we would stuff Buddy Packs for children at our school for part of our service work. It means a lot to me that I am still able to contribute.

The main part of the week is raising funds and awareness, but I am also excited for the awards ceremony. I was on the panel that did the interviews for the awards and I am really excited to see the faces of the winners. They truly deserve it.

This is the schedule for the week: 

Monday, April 6–

  • Start fundraising for the Buddy Pack program.
  • Banners Up!
    • Have banners up! These banners should say Greek Week as well as have something on it about the Buddy Pack program

Wednesday, April 8 –

6 p.m.– Gym

  • Fun games and activities in the gym. We will be combining the chapters and contestants will be picked at random to play multiple games and activities.

Thursday April 9–

6 p.m. – Dulany Auditorium

  • Greek Awards and Service Award Winner
    • This WILL be a formal event. Please come dressed in pin clothes. (Pin clothes are dress clothes that you wear with your sorority/fraternity pin or badge.)
  • All Buddy Pack fundraising money will be due by noon at CSI.

Friday April 10 –

Woods 101 Event, Aldridge

  • Buddy Backpack stuffing, if you are a student coming to 101 please join us

This is going to be a busy but amazing week. On top of this schedule, we have Sigma Alpha Epsilon's philanthropy week. This is a fraternity over at Westminster. They have events throughout the week to raise money for their philanthropy, Lafayette County Cancer Coalition. They are raising awareness for Bile Duct cancer. I am so proud to be making such a difference in one week, this is the stuff that I live for!


I can't wait to see you all at Woods 101. Please comment below if you are planning on attending, I would love to meet you!




Heart Throb

Last night four fraternity men and two sorority women participated in Alpha Phi's Heart Throb competition. The goal is to raise money and awareness for women's heart health. Many people don't know that heart disease is the number one killer of women (and men!) in America, accounting for 1 in 3 female deaths each year. Alpha Phi members across the country raise money to support heart health research, education about the importance of heart health, and hands only CPR training for college students.Heart Throb

All of the sororities and fraternities have specific organizations that they raise money for. At William Woods, Alpha Chi Omega supports CARD-V (Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence), Chi Omega  supports Make-A-Wish Foundation, Delta Gamma supports Service for Sight, Pi Kappa Alpha (Pike) supports the Scleroderma Foundation, and Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) supports Fulton Special Olympics. Every group hosts events to raise money and awareness for their cause, and the entire campus comes together to support them!

Heart Throb is a fun event where the fraternity and sorority community nominate people to compete by showing off their talents and sharing their knowledge of Alpha Phi and heart health. The winners are crowned Mr. & Mrs. Heart Throb! It is a fun time and I really enjoy watching all of the contestants. This year fellow blogger Alaina Leverenz competed and it was great to watch a friend up on stage! This year's talents included singing, dancing, lip-sync, a pogo stick routine, painting, and a reenactment from the poetry slam scene in 22 Jump Street.

Heart Throb Contestants




This week we celebrated one of my favorite events of the year... LYREFEST! 🙂 1896726_2067168081197_1298181792_n


Perhaps a little backstory would be helpful. Every sorority and fraternity on campus has an organization (or "philanthropy") that they support, and each sorority and fraternity gets one week out of the school year dedicated to raising money and awareness for their cause. This week was Lyrefest, the philanthropy week for Alpha Chi Omega!! We held several fun events this week to rally support for our organization, CARDV (Coalition Against Rape and Domestic Violence).

Me and several other girls from AXO ready to cheer on the Capture the Flag contestants!

Me and several other girls from AXO ready to cheer on the Capture the Flag contestants!




Tuesday night the other sororities and fraternities at WWU and Westminster College played Capture The Flag in the gym! First the girls competed, and then the guys. I have to say, some of the fraternity guys got a little intense at times! My sisters and I had a blast cheering on all the players. One of WWU's very own fraternities, Phi Gamma Delta (affectionately known as "Fiji") came home with first place for the guys, and WWU's Chi Omega chapter won first for the girls!

Fiji holding their flag in victory!

Fiji holding their flag in victory!










After serenades, the AXO seniors gathered for a group picture with our current sweetheart, Mason Kraemer from Pi Kappa Alpha!

After serenades, the AXO seniors gathered for a group picture with our current sweetheart, Mason Kraemer from Pi Kappa Alpha!



Wednesday night was my favorite event: serenades! For this event, each participating sorority and fraternity picked a couple well-known songs and changed some of the lyrics to make them specifically about Alpha Chi Omega and/or the fight against domestic violence. Every year, they ways to work the seniors' names into the songs, which is always fun! After attending serenades for four years, it was pretty crazy to finally get to sit in the front row and hear people throw my name out! We basically got to sit in our basement and be serenaded for several hours... It was a great time! Fiji won first again for the guys, and this time Alpha Phi took home first for the girls!



Several girls from our chapter, along with Keegan and Chasah (the two not dressed in black), this year's Lyre Lord and Lyre Lady!

Several girls from our chapter, along with Keegan and Chasah (the two not dressed in black), this year's Lyre Lord and Lyre Lady!

Thursday we held the final event: Lyre Lord and Lyre Lady. Each sorority and fraternity picks one or two people to represent them in this event, which is kind of similar to a pageant. The contestants answer questions about domestic violence statistics and show off one of their unique talents. Sometimes people sing, juggle, dance, recite poetry... The talents people possess are practically endless! This year, Chasah from Delta Gamma was crowned Lyre Lady for interpreting a song into American Sign Language as it played over the loudspeakers. Keegan from Kappa Alpha at Westminster was crowned Lyre Lord for his robotic dance moves.




Everyone at Alpha Chi counts down to this week for a really long time, and it always goes by way too quickly! While ours only comes once a year, there are enough sororities and fraternities at WWU and Westminster that we usually don't have to wait very long for the next group's philanthropy week to come around, and then we get to return the favor by participating in all of their events! Philanthropy weeks are a wonderful way to get out of your comfort zone and try new things while hanging out with a bunch of wonderful people. They are definitely going to be one of the things I miss the most about my experience here at WWU!


Hello, again!

Hey, friends!  We're down to the very last day of classes before finals.  Looking back, I'm curious where all my time has gone!  It's been a great first semester for my junior year, and I'm so excited for what's coming next.  With all the visiting students, it's been difficult to sit down and share with you all on my blog. I am so happy to show students the place I love most, so cramming all the activities of the last few weeks into one post isn't bad at all.


Last month in my sorority, we had our philanthropy week.   Philanthropy weeks consist of activities and competitions to raise money and awareness about our cause.  In Chi Omega's case, we support the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and we call our week, "Wish Week!"  It was so much fun!  We started the week on November 11th, at 11:11.  What better time for a week about wishes?  The surrounding sororities and fraternities came to our events to celebrate Make-A-Wish, and when you get the Greek community together it is always a good time.  The participants played in a dodgeball tournament, hung up banners for Chi Omega and Make-A-Wish, and sang songs to us about our house and our cause.  We even had a day for penny wars where pennies are worth positive points, and silver coins and bills are worth negative points.  It's a game of strategy for the competiting houses, but the friendly competition helped us raise over $1,000!


Here's a picture collage by Hayley Bowler of Sam!  Keep fighting, little guy!

Here's a picture collage by Hayley Bowler of Sam! Keep fighting, little guy!

The whole week, we were inspired by a wonderful little guy named Sam, or as we all know him, Superman Sam!  Sam is 5 years old and is currently battling a rare cancer.  He was recently given the opportunity to have his wish granted, and we were so inspired by his story!  We couldn't wait to meet him and thankfully, we got the opportunity at our last event, the Wish Walk!  The Wish Walk is a 5K that we host here in Fulton.  After hearing about Superman Sam and about our cause, the community and campus stepped up to participate.  It was awesome to see everyone in their Wish Walk shirts smiling and having fun in support of Sam!  At the close of the week, we raised a total of $5,000 for Make-A-Wish!  It felt so great to know that we could benefit a child just like Superman Sam!Wish Walk





After a great Wish Week, we got closer to Thanksgiving break.  It's always nice to go home to your family and visit friends!  I really enjoyed all the family time and especially the food (Hey mom, if you're reading this -- you're the bomb!).  I always miss WWU when I am home, so thankfully I had basketball practice on Friday night and was able to come back to campus with my teammates!

Now, we are up to the last week of class.  Again, where has my time gone?? It has been such a fast, thrilling, sometimes crazy but completely wonderful fall here at the Woods.  If you haven't had the opportunity to join us this semester, I hope to see you soon!  With Christmas break approaching, this will be my last post until next semester!  Happy Holidays and safe travels to all of you!  To my William Woods family, I'll miss you dearly until we return. Good luck on finals to students of any age, and thanks again for reading!


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