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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off To Work We Go!

Hey again! This is the time of year when applications go out for all the campus jobs, so I thought I'd take this time to talk about some of the many student employement opportunities we have here at The Woods! I know the "poor college student" stereotype is overwhelmingly prevelant, but there ARE ways to combat it so you have ways to fund your various activities during college! While some students do have jobs off campus, there are many jobs available to students right here on campus. These campus jobs will be the focus of my blog today.

Alicia Delaney and Darian Lightfoot, two of the CAs in the Alpha Chi House!

Alicia Delaney and Darian Lightfoot, two of the CAs in the Alpha Chi House!

"Work Study" is probably the most common job for students on campus. Work study is needs-based and takes a variety of forms. Every year, students fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). This form synthesizes all the info about your family's income and assets and determines how much "federal student aid" your family qualifies for, which in turn regulates how many hours per week you can work and how much money you can earn during every semester. These work study jobs come in many different shapes and sizes. Sometimes, students choose to work as assistants in the department of their majors (such as the ASL/Interpreting dept or the Theatre dept, for example). Other times, students choose to work in independent departments, such as the campus library or in the Fulton community daycare that is housed on campus. The position of Community Advisor (CA) is also a work study position. There is a CA on every floor of every residence hall on campus. CAs basically act as the go-to person for everyone on their floor. For example, if their residents need a lightbulb replaced, the CAs will contact maintenance for them, or if two roommates are having difficulties, the CAs will help them find a solution. CAs also host a social event for their hall every couple weeks. It can seem like a lot of work sometimes, but I know many students who have been CAs for several years and have absolutely loved it!

There are several other jobs on campus that aren't part of work study. These jobs are available to all students, including students who come from higher-income families that may not qualify for government aid. The first one of these jobs I want to talk about is University Ambassador (UA). I touched on this in my post two weeks ago. UAs are the students that host you, the prospective student, and your families when you come to visit William Woods! We give you tours, we host you for lunch in Tucker, and sometimes we host you when you stay overnight on campus! Lindsey Cornelius, Joanie Ryan, and I are also blogging this year as part of our UA job. I have been a UA for two years now, and I have loved every minute of it. I love meeting new students and talking about my favorite university. If you like meeting new people, this could be a great job for you!

Jamie Lanagan, one of the telecounselors, having fun in the photography lab!

Jamie Lanagan, one of the telecounselors, having fun in the photography lab!

Phonathon and Telecounseling are the next two jobs I want to discuss. If you don't mind talking on the phone, these jobs would be right up your ally! Phonathon involves current students calling William Woods University alumni to see if they would be interested in/are able to donate money to William Woods. We're proud to say that William Woods is one of the few universities that is entirely debt-free, and part of the way we maintain that is through the donations of people who have had first-hand experience with how great WWU is! Telecounseling, on the other hand, involves calling students who are still in high school that have expressed some interest in William Woods. Students who work this job call high school students to invite them to campus visit days, remind them of application deadlines, etc. New students are the life-blood of every university, so the importance of encouraging interest in WWU cannot be underestimated!

Finally, I want to talk about my two favorite jobs ever: Freshman Advantage Mentor and Peer Mentor! Freshman Advantage (FA) is a three-week summer program in June that is open to any and all students who have just graduated high school and are planning on attending WWU that August. During these three weeks, the freshmen have the opportunity to take a couple common studies courses to get those out of the way, familiarize themselves with campus, and meet several other freshmen as well as some upperclassmen, which is where the job opportunity comes in. Every year, WWU hires

Last year's FA Mentors all dressed up for costume dodgeball!

Last year's FA Mentors all dressed up for costume dodgeball!

several upperclassmen to work as mentors during this program. In addition to being available to tutor the freshmen in any given subject, the mentors are in charge of organizing and conducting a different social event every single night as well as the weekends. I absolutely LOVED working as an FA mentor last summer. I also really enjoyed working as a Peer Mentor the year before. Peer Mentors serve basically the same purpose as FA Mentors, but on a slightly smaller scale. Every incoming freshmen is required to take a class called "connections," which essentially serves as an "intro to college" course. If you attend FA, you take connections then. If you don't, you'll take connections during your very first fall semester on campus. Peer Mentors are upperclassmen who sit in on connections during the fall semester and are there to offer a student perspective on anything the teachers discuss in class. I love getting to act as a role model for others, so working as a mentor was one of the best experiences of my life!

I guess the moral of the story is simple: you don't have to be a poor college student! Obviously, there are many different opportunities to work on campus. The types of jobs available are as varied as the students that attend this university. No matter what your interests are, you will be able to find something that is right for you!


Makin’ that money, honey!

Hi, hello and happy (belated) New Year! I hope you all had fun ringing in 2013 and are going strong on your New Year’s resolutions!

I decided this year that I wasn’t going to make a “resolution.” Rather, my goal is to be intentional for the duration of the year to be smart with my money. You see, I kind of have a problem. No, it’s not with spending money. (That’s the easy part!) I just can’t seem to keep money in my bank account long enough for me to bat an eye! 🙂

BUT, that’s why I’m SO lucky that I have lots of campus jobs here at The Woods. This university offers students so many opportunities to make some extra money without having to search for employment in the Fulton community.

I am lucky enough to currently have four campus jobs: work study in the Office of Student Life, Phonathon, Telecounseling and working for the Office of Admissions as a University Ambassador. All together, these jobs equal out to be around eleven hours per week. (Not bad, huh?)

Every student on campus is eligible for a certain number of work study hours according to their FAFSA (that nasty little government form that everyone has to fill out annually). There are LOTS of work study opportunities on campus. You can work anywhere from athletics to the barn to local elementary schools to the mail room.

When I first signed up for work study, I decided to work for Debbie Schick in the Office of Student Life. Debbie is the campus “momma,” someone everyone goes to for help and advice about EVERYTHING. She is also in charge of the LEAD program. If students need replacement ID cards or have questions about their points, they can ask Debbie.

Debbie and I (left) are buddies, and I can say the same for my other boss, Venita! The picture on the right is of us goofing around during a university trip to Italy a few years ago! (We wanted to leave room in the picture for Debbie, of course!)

When I go to work, I usually cover Debbie’s lunch hour. I file papers, answer the phone, print new IDs, etc. The fun thing about working in the Office of Student life is that I’m not just working for Debbie. That department also includes Residential Life, Career Services, Faith, Counseling and Health Services and Multicultural Affairs, so I have LOTS of “bosses!” It’s so much fun. 🙂

These are some of my former and current work study co-workers. They're definitely crazy, but I wouldn't ask for anything else!

This is my third year working as a Phonathon caller. At this amazing job, I call graduates of WWU, chat with them about their collegiate experience, and ask them if they’d like to make a monetary donation to the university. It is SO much fun; talking to women who graduated in the 1940s is one of the best parts because they have some VERY interesting stories from “back in their day.”

My boss Sharon is one of a kind! She definitely makes coming to work more fun. 🙂

Working hard or hardly working? You decide..

How cute are we in our "official" t-shirts?! The senior callers are on the left, with the ENTIRE crew on the right!

Telecounseling is another campus job that is pretty similar to Phonathon, except I call prospective students, not graduates. You have probably gotten a phone call or two from us before (hopefully you didn’t hang up!) 🙂 I love chatting with students who are interested in The Woods and telling them all about why I love this school so much. I also answer questions they have about college life and invite them to attend campus events we have throughout the semester.

One of my favorite weekly jobs is working as a University Ambassador. Along with working in the Admissions Office twice a week giving campus tours to prospective students and their families, I also get to help with campus events such as Discovery Days and WWU 101! Plus, I get to write this blog! What could be better? 🙂

My spiffy lookin' name tag so I can look "official" on tours. 🙂

Along with the four jobs that I have right now, I’ve also had a couple other jobs that are more “seasonal.” One of them is being a Peer Mentor during Orientation Week. During that first week, I do different things like work the registration table, help students move in, attend orientation events, introduce students to each other, and help students navigate campus. It’s really fun and a GREAT way to get to know my newest peers!

Who wouldn't want to be mentored by this lovely group of people? I mean really..

“Working” as a Freshman Advantage mentor during the summer is probably one of THE BEST jobs I have ever had. The reason I put “working” in quotes is because it honestly didn’t even feel like a job! I basically got to hang out with a bunch of awesome students and mentors all day, plan fun events and enforce the rules of Residential Life. Freshman Advantage is one of the most amazing programs William Woods has to offer, and I strongly encourage you to look into it. (Don’t worry, you’ll learn more about this program in a future post!)

From costume dodgeball to kickball tournaments, there's lots of crazy fun to be had at Freshman Advantage!

One job that I’ve never had personally but a lot of my friends have is a Community Advisor, or CA. This job includes promoting a sense of community among residents, coordinating CA events, and making sure residents are following the rules of the university.

Fire safety training, water games, bumper cars and orientation game nights: Can I sign up to be a CA?!

I know I say this a lot, but I am so blessed to go to a university where I have so many opportunities at my fingertips. Where else could I gain the experience of six jobs in four years, not to mention the networking opportunities and the FUN!

If you’re looking for a place to spend your college years where you don’t have to work a crazy amount of hours but just want to make some extra spending money, then William Woods University is the place for you. If you’re looking for a place to spend your college years where you have the opportunity to try a new job in a safe environment, then William Woods University is the place for you. If you’re looking for a place to spend your college years where you can build your resume to pages and pages of greatness, then WILLIAM WOODS UNIVERSITY IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!

Hopefully with these next few months in front of me, and plenty of work ahead, I can save my money and prove to myself that I can be successful with my “resolution.” I think I have a pretty good chance, don’t you? 🙂

Anyway, I’d better get back to enjoying my last week of Christmas break while I can! I hope your new semester of classes has been going well and you stay true to your resolutions! (If you need a little encouragement, just holler!) Good luck!

Smiles and sunshine!