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3 Elements of the Coolest Dorm Room

If you're like me, your room is a place of peace and sanctity. It's the place in which you can retreat and relax. Rejuvenate and create the space that really represents who you are. You've probably spent the last 17 to 20 years of your life creating a space in your home that is an extension of who you are--a pure representation of your personality. Odds are, there are still some childhood effects in existence that some may find embarrassing to take to school with them. Moving to college is your chance to create a new space (along with your roommate) that is authentically who you are right now! Here are some tips to making the best of your new pad!

Lighting: The lights in residence hall rooms can be industrial.

  • Bring your own lamp - having a lamp can create a warm, homey feel within your room. Having a little lower key light will allow you to relax and keep the stress level low in your new room.
  • Hang Christmas lights (LED only) - You can choose from an wide variety of colors and styles. These colors will cast a certain feel over the room. Find the color you love and give it a try!
  • Allow sunlight to flood in during the day - having thick curtains will allow you to sleep in on those weekend mornings. However, waking up in the morning and keeping your energy up throughout the day is much easier when you let the natural energy of the sun flow into your space!
LED Light strand

A strand of compliant LED Lights.

Wall Decor:

  • Posters - I would suggest getting a couple new posters of things/people/places that you love. There are many online resources to get new posters and local stores will carry them for a low price. Hang your posters with sticky tack, NOT push pins or tape (those things will damage the wall and lead to a fine).
  • Hang a sheet - hanging a colored sheet on the wall is the college equivalent to a paint job. Like your lighting decision, the color of the walls will represent the feel you want to give the room.
  • Use your own art - perhaps you have an art class your freshman year, hang the projects from classes on your walls. It will encourage you to create art that you are proud of.
Picture of John Belushi

Poster Example - Animal House, John Belushi

Entertainment: How do you prefer to entertain - Movies? Music? Games?

  • Television - coordinate with your future roomie (your Residential Life office should let your know). Who will bring the television? Will you need a DVD or Blu Ray player? Surround sound? All things to think about.
  • Speakers - this one is near and dear to my heart. I love music. Having good sound quality is key to entertaining. People love to listen to music when they hang out. Be careful with the power of the bass and volume though, you don't want you neighbors to get upset when you are pounding their wall with your subwoofers.
  • A place to sit - having plenty of comfortable places to sit is crucial to finding comfort in your room. A futon or moon chair is very modern and provides a comfortable place for you and your guests to sit down and relax.
Dorm room with bed, tv, and entertainment system.

A sample dorm room entertainment system.

dorm room specifications

                   The typical size of a dorm room at William Woods University

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What the State of Your Dorm Room Reveals About Your College Life

Hi. This is my first post. You may want to check out my bio before reading.

A dorm room is a special, personal space where every college student spends a lot of his or her time. Because of this, the appearance of a dorm room can say a lot about a student and what’s happening in his or her life. Here are five dorm room “states,” plus a special William Woods state, and what they say about the life of a student.

My roommate and my cousin Kyle helped move in this year, and our room was cluttered with stuff.

My dorm as we moved in this year. My cousin came along to help, and it went very fast!

#1: Total Emptiness

If the room is completely empty—and I mean completely empty—then you’re probably moving in or moving out. There’s just a bed, a mattress, a desk, a dresser, and a chair. This is the most empty, and probably the most clean, the room will be for the entire year.

#2. Total Chaos

This is the stage that follows “Total Emptiness.” When the room is so full of boxes, clothes, suitcases, extra furniture, and more stuff that you cannot even move, you’re at an entirely different stage of moving in or out and that is unpacking/packing. It’s a crazy experience, and by the end you’re totally exhausted because, if you’re like me, you realize how much stuff you actually have. But, if you can rally a few friends or family members, the process can be quick and smooth.

#3. Filled-with-Food-Wrappers

I like to call this the “Post-Weekend Room.” When the room is kind of destroyed, there are blankets littering the floor, pop cans are scattered, wrappers are everywhere, then it’s probably Sunday night. And if you’re motivated, you’ll clean the room that night so that it is all nice and ready for Monday morning. If you’re not so motivated (maybe it’s mid-November and you’re just counting the days to Thanksgiving), then you might not clean till Monday…or just leave it for next weekend.

This is my room last year during midterms. Notice the laundry, my laptop and books, and if you look closely, you can spot coffee.

This is my room last year during midterms. Notice the laundry, my laptop and books, and if you look closely, you can spot coffee.

#4. Messy Midterm Room

If the laundry is overdue, the bed hasn’t been made all week, and the room is just a general disaster, it’s probably the week of midterms. Also, there might be papers spread out that reflect studying, last-minute assignments, and a frantic attempt to get your printer working before giving up and running to the library. Another sure-fire sign of this room is several coffee or coke cups that suggest you’ve been solely surviving on caffeine for the last few days. This room also applies to finals week.

#5. Spotless Perfection!

There are only a few times, in my opinion, that the room reaches spotless perfection. Hopefully you get a boost of energy during the semester and clean up. Or, a spotless room might indicate you’re about to leave for break. Before leaving, you must check-out with your community adviser (CA) and part of checking out means a clean room. But, it’s good that college forces cleanliness every now and then because it is so nice to return to a sparkly room. And, it will probably be ruined by the next weekend.

My dorm room, all clean and tidy.

My clean, post-moving-in dorm room.

#6. ***Special Keeper Edition***

Here at William Woods University, Equestrian Studies majors may take a class called Horse Management, more affectionately called “Keeper” among the students. During this class, you are assigned between 3-8 horses to care for the entire semester. That’s a lot of work! This usually means that your room is a mess the entire semester. Boots and dirty jeans and stall shavings basically make-up the floor of the bedroom. But, even with a messy room, you can rest easy knowing the horse’s stalls are clean.

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Catch, Throw, Hit, and Run

Happy Spring Semester to all! All the students have returned to William Woods and we are delving into our new course schedule during the first week of classes! Stress runs high but there is no better way to blow off some steam than to head to baseball practice! That's right, the beginning of spring semester marks the beginning of baseball and softball season! The Owls Softball and Baseball teams are both coming off of highly successful seasons after both made a trip to the National Tournament in 2014. The opening day of the Owls Baseball season is February 6th in Tennessee. Preseason polls have the Owls Baseball team ranked number 25 in the United States in the NAIA, and the Owls Softball team at number 19! We will keep working hard to uphold the principles of integrity, respect, responsibility, sportsmanship, and servant leadership while we prepare for our competition and throughout the season. Best of luck to all spring sports and as always, Go Owls!


The WWU Owls emblem sits proudly on the entrance to the Helen Stevens Memorial Complex.


Owls Softball practices in the indoor facility to beat the weather while they prep for season.