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Graduating in 3 Weeks!

Hi Guys and Gals!

I haven't posted for a while. So here is just a quick update on my life from the past few weeks!

Me in our Resort

Me in our Resort

Golf has been going great for us as a team. After we came back from our first event we traveled to Carbondale Illinois to play a NCAA Division 1 tournament. We played against all D1 teams and lost in a playoff to IUPUI. Pretty impressive for a small NAIA School!

For Spring Break we went to Orlando with the Men's golf team. This week was by far my best Spring Break tournament ever. We stayed at the Mission Inn Resort and played fabulous golf courses for the week we were there. We bonded as a team and of course made the most of our time in Florida. The Women's team won and it made our 20 hour bus ride a little easier. 😛

Our team picture in Orlando

Our team picture in Orlando

After Spring Break, I played my last ever home tournament. How SAD!! This was tearful and awesome because I got to play with my best friend on the second day who is also a fellow senior, Alejandra.

NOW we are back on campus. We don't play again until our conference which is in two weeks!

My Cap and gown have arrived, and my parents have booked their flights to see me graduate!

Exciting times are ahead and time is flying by too quick for my liking.

Oh, and did you know our team is number 1 nationally?

Enjoy your week!



The Alternative Spring Break

Hi again!

Spring Break is just a few days away, and by the time you're reading this, I am probably making the journey all the way to Nepal. This year for Spring Break, my roommate and I are traveling to Kathmandu to volunteer in an orthopedic hospital. I'm so excited, but I am also very nervous.

Break a Difference Logo

Break A Difference coordinates local alternative spring break trips.

In the past, I've done more typical spring break trips. My first year I took a cruise and last year we traveled to D.C. and Chincoteague. This year I felt compelled to partake in something more service-oriented, which led me to the concept of the alternative spring break. The idea is to spend spring break giving back rather than indulging. Often time, in the midst of volunteering, there are also opportunities to travel and have fun, too.

The logo of A Broader View, the agency through which I am volunteering.

I am volunteering through the organization A Broader View this year.

Alternative spring break trips exist in many forms. There are some very inexpensive trips that take place locally in the U.S. There are also international trips both close to home and far away: from Mexico to India to Nigeria. Whatever the location, a spring break spent volunteering is not only a fun experience but also a fantastic addition to a resume or applications to jobs, graduate schools and more.

Have you considered an alternative spring break?





Spring Break!

It has been a very busy few weeks here at The Woods... I can't believe it is already April! Things got hectic leading up to spring break. Last week I returned to Colorado for break and it was beautiful! The weather was gorgeous and I got to spend time with my family.

During the week I was able to volunteer at Colorado State University's Equine Reproduction Lab. In order to be a competitive applicant for veterinary school, it is important to get as much experience shadowing and volunteering at many different types of veterinary clinics. I worked as an assistant last summer, and my boss knew someone up at CSU who would let me come shadow (it's all about connections!).

I got a lot of great experience of the Equine Reproduction Lab

I got a lot of great experience of the Equine Reproduction Lab

It was a very busy week and I learned a lot! The entire operation is about breeding and they perform the most advanced procedures. They also work on research to further our understanding of equine reproductive health.

I really enjoyed working with the mares and foals

I really enjoyed working with the mares and foals

When I wasn't volunteering, I spent time with my family. We went and saw the movie Insurgent (which I highly recommend). We also went to a local pottery painting studio which was a lot of fun! I always enjoy seeing my family, but it is also good to be back at William Woods with all of my friends.

I hope you're enjoying the beautiful spring weather!



Spring Break!

The last week in March, William Woods University students participated in one of college students' most anticipated events of the spring semester... Spring Break!

Shelby and me on the beach!

Shelby and me on the beach!

Every other year, I've always gone home for spring break. It was always wonderful to get to simply lay low for a week, reconnect with my family, and enjoy a week off from deadlines and responsibilities. Since this year was my LAST spring break, though, I decided to go somewhere and do something new and exciting! I went to a charming little town called Madeira Beach in Florida (it's about halfway down the coast of Florida on the Gulf side), near Clearwater. I went with my fiance and another couple from campus. It was such a blast! Our only complaint was that the intense wind all week long made the beach rather chilly, but it was still great fun!

Winter, the tail-less dolphin!

Winter, the tail-less dolphin!





We visited the Clearwater Marine Aquarium one day, home of the famous dolphin named Winter from the movie Dolphin Tale! If you haven't heard of or seen the movie, you should definitely look it up. It tells the beautifully inspiring (and true!) story of a dolphin named Winter who was rescued by this aquarium in 2005. She was found washed up on the beach, her tail tangled in a trap meant for crabs. Her tail had been cut off from circulation for too long, causing parts of it to die and fall off, so her rescuers decided her only chance of survival was to amputate the rest of the tail. The movie shows how Winter learned to swim again, both without a tail at all and with the help of the prosthetic tails built for her. It was so cool to get to walk around the aquarium where so much magic happend! Winter is still at the aquarium, too, so we got to see her in person! We also got to meet some of the other rescue dolphins, along with several sea turtles, sting rays and manta rays, and a few otters! The Marine Aquarium's mission is simple: Rescue - Rehab - Release. If there is any chance of the animal surviving again in the wild, the rescuers keep their interactions with the animals minimal. Some of the dolphins will never be able to stand a good chance in the wild again, though, and they quickly become best friends with the people who work in the aquarium! So many amazing things happen there... I loved getting to visit it!


Darin (my fiance) and I enjoyed several long walks on the beach, too... And I don't mean that in the typical cheesy, romantic sense. We literally HIKED on the beach! We probably covered close to 5 or 6 miles round trip - on three different occasions! On these walks, we saw sharks on three separate occasions! The first two times were when a fisherman reeled in small sharks, and the third time was when we passed a tiny baby shark that had died and washed up on the beach. All three sharks were called Bonnet Head sharks, which look similar to hammerheads but are completely harmless to humans. I've been on beaches several times in my life, but I had never seen a shark out in the wild before!



Darin and me at Clearwater Aquarium!

Darin and me at Clearwater Aquarium!



We were all very grateful to have a week off to relax and reset before our last few weeks of the semester! The first week back was a little rough; it was kind of hard to find our routines again. This week is off to a much better start, though. We really don't have very much longer to go at all - graduation is in 25 short days! I have a feeling that the rest of this semester is going to FLY by. I can't believe how fast it's happening!