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6 Essentials Every College Girl Needs

Are you wondering what to pack before you come to college? I have the 6 essentials that you will need!

1. Leggings- these are your option when jeans just aren’t working for you. They are comfortable and you can wear them pretty much with anything. BUT please make sure they are opaque!

My favourite look- leggings and Tennis shoes

My favourite look- leggings and Tennis shoes

2. Crew Neck Sweatshirt- like leggings, these are very comfortable and look even better if you show off your school spirit. You can buy WWU sweaters from the logo store in the McNutt center!

3. Jeans- perfect because you can dress up or down with them. Skinny jeans can make you feel like Tyra banks and there all cuts, shapes, sizes to flatter ANY body.

4. Oversized Hoodies- great for the nights when you just want to relax around your residence hall and feel comfortable. They also look good with leggings and jeans!

5. Tennis Shoes- I only wore tennis shoes when I worked out at home. Since coming to America, I have bought 5 pairs over the 4 years. These shoes are perfect to slip on when you’re running late for class and they also look great with jeans and leggings. It just depends what type they are!

6. Sweat-Pants- these are your best friend when you’re having a lazy day. You’d be surprised about how many people do actually rock the sweat pant look daily!

I hope this helps folks. My style had to be altered when I came to America; everything is so relaxed and free. You can basically rock anything and nobody will judge you!

Happy Holidays ☺