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Taking Care of Me

Remember that busy week I was telling you about? With CourtWarming and Lyrefest... plus classes, SWAT and University Ambassador duties I put my health on the back-burner and didn't dress for the weather. Unfortunately it caught up with me.

Come Sunday I was not feeling the best, so first thing Monday morning I called the William Woods nurse to make an appointment. I was able to get right in the nurse's office and get checked out. I then found out some bummer news, I have influenza!

The nurse was more than helpful with getting me on track to healthy again. She provided me with proper medicine dosages, a face mask to prevent spreading germs, nurse's note to excuse me from class and thermometer to check my temperature.

After my trip to the nurse I went back to my room to start up a medicine regimen and get some sleep. I am not usually one to sleep during the day so that was a sure sign that my body was in need.

I am so lucky to be on a campus where medical care was readily available and helpful to me. I also love how supportive my professors were, all of them telling me to rest up and get better. They were very understanding and helpful with the assignments that I missed this week as well.

Getting meals from Tucker Dining Hall while sick was something I was worried about, but my worries were quickly put to ease. I emailed Jim Utterback from Fresh Ideas and found out that I was able to send a green to-go box and my student ID card to Tucker with a friend and get my meals that way. This was such a relief and I greatly appreciate my friends bringing me meals, and Tucker allowing them to do so.

My friends have also been great at bringing me PowerAde and sending Snap Chats and texts checking in on me.

I never enjoy being sick, especially away from home, but having amazing friends, faculty and staff here at WWU has really made my road to recovery so much easier!

I'm sure that I will be feeling 100% next time you hear from me!


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  1. I thought about you all week. I know having a tough illness has been difficult. I missed you in class and look forward to having you and SWAT! Look forward to seeing you soon! Dr D,

    • Thank you so much Dr. D! I missed seeing you for the whole week and I was glad I got to see you this morning. You always brighten my day.

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