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The Alternative Spring Break

Hi again!

Spring Break is just a few days away, and by the time you're reading this, I am probably making the journey all the way to Nepal. This year for Spring Break, my roommate and I are traveling to Kathmandu to volunteer in an orthopedic hospital. I'm so excited, but I am also very nervous.

Break a Difference Logo

Break A Difference coordinates local alternative spring break trips.

In the past, I've done more typical spring break trips. My first year I took a cruise and last year we traveled to D.C. and Chincoteague. This year I felt compelled to partake in something more service-oriented, which led me to the concept of the alternative spring break. The idea is to spend spring break giving back rather than indulging. Often time, in the midst of volunteering, there are also opportunities to travel and have fun, too.

The logo of A Broader View, the agency through which I am volunteering.

I am volunteering through the organization A Broader View this year.

Alternative spring break trips exist in many forms. There are some very inexpensive trips that take place locally in the U.S. There are also international trips both close to home and far away: from Mexico to India to Nigeria. Whatever the location, a spring break spent volunteering is not only a fun experience but also a fantastic addition to a resume or applications to jobs, graduate schools and more.

Have you considered an alternative spring break?




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