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The Spring Semester is Wrapping Up!

It always amazes me how quickly time flies here at The Woods! We're in the middle of our finals week already. This is probably the most exciting, stressful, and saddest time of the year. It's exciting because we get to go on summer break, and for me that means going home to Colorado to see my family and friends. It's stressful because we have to finish up all of those semester long papers and projects and take final exams. It's also sad because a lot of your friends graduate from the classes ahead of you and you leave your friends for three months. It really is bittersweet!

I can't believe this is the last week of my junior year. While I look forward to my senior year because there are sure to be a lot more "firsts" and adventures, it will also be full of a lot of "lasts". Every time a chapter in your life closes it's a strange mix of sad and exciting, so I will be sure to enjoy every moment I have left at William Woods.

Last week Campus Activities Board hosted Rock the Dock to give us a break from studying. We went down to the dock and had Chipotle, music, karaoke, sand volleyball, and kayaks for the lake. It was a great stress reliever and we got to enjoy the beautiful weather!

Students playing sand volleyball at Rock the Dock

Students playing sand volleyball at Rock the Dock

I am looking forward to finishing up this week and heading home for a while. I hope to meet many new students in the fall through orientation, recruitment, and classes! Enjoy the last few weeks of school!


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