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Wait… What?! I just registered for my last semester of classes??



As you begin your college career, everyone tells you to “enjoy it, because it goes by really fast!” If you’re like me, you won’t believe them in the slightest. After all, college is going to last FOUR YEARS! That’s a long time, right?


Wrong! It really does go by fast. Sure, any given week may drag so much that it feels like Friday will never get here, but somehow, midterms and then finals will roll around before you even realize it. It took until my junior year to realize that it would not be very long at all until my graduation. Now that I have officially registered for my last college classes EVER, I am slowly beginning to integrate the fact that my college career is coming to a close.


I am very excited for my last semester, though! I registered for only four classes: Visionary Leadership, Communication Seminar, Theatre Senior Project, and Law, Ethics, & Morality. I’m really looking forward to all these classes. The theatre senior project will be especially fun! I get to work with another senior to put together a performance that will showcase the abilities we have mastered during our time at WWU. I’m working with a guy named Stephen to put together a unique production of Alice in Wonderland designed especially for kids. This production will consist of only the two of us! I will play Alice, and Stephen will play everyone else! It should be a lot of fun!

My project partner, Stephen Chamineak!

My project partner, Stephen Chamineak!


My communication seminar class should be very cool as well. I will get to work with all the other graduating communication majors. Together, we will pick a current controversial/high stakes social issue and put together a documentary, host speakers on campus, raise money, and generally create awareness of/prevent the issue. Two years ago, the class chose to tackle bullying in schools, and last year they chose to support the fight against sex trafficking. I will be curious to see what we decide to do this year!


While I have absolutely enjoyed my internships and have learned so much from them, I am really excited to move back to campus in January so I can take classes and be around all my friends again for one more semester! Is it January yet?!

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